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Welcome to USAFlyingSchool.com. We are appointed by Aviator College for the enrolment center in Asia.

Unlike others agent, we are professional pilots. We will give you a step by step guide and will assist you to enrol to one of the BEST flying school in USA without any hassle.

About Aviator College

Founded in 1982 Aviator Flight School offered opportunities to students looking to receive training to fulfill the specialized demands of the airline industry. The Aviator Flight School moved from Addison, Texas to its current location at the Fort Pierce, Florida, campus in 1999. The school has continued to grow and evolve. In 2009 Aviator became a college and expanded into the current 77,500 sq. ft. campus.

Since 1982, when the first students signed up for training, students at Aviator College have earned more than 20,000 FAA Licenses. From the beginning, Aviator has been committed to excellence in education. The majority of our graduate pilots are flying professionally in the U.S. and around the world.

Since its inception more than 25,000 FAA licenses have been earned by students at Aviator College. A majority of the College’s graduate pilots are flying professionally in the United States and internationally. The College’s fleet has increased to more than 50 aircraft, flying
more than 35,000 hours yearly. There have been considerable changes since the first years of the College. The one constant that remains is that the College is steadfast in its mission to develop leaders in commercial aviation. The College is committed to its students’ success and will take no shortcuts to that objective.

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