Student Learning Center

Our Student Learning Center is a 24,000 sq.ft. modern two-story building that houses our administrative offices, FAA Approved Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) testing room, nine (9) large classrooms, a ECAS/FAROS Bombardier CRJ-200 Advanced Aircraft Training Device and a CRJ training mock-up, the Learning Resource Center (library), and our pilot shop. The majority of the classrooms are equipped for multimedia presentations (computers and projectors) and can each hold about 24 students at a time. The size of these classrooms varies from 448 sq.ft. to 593 sq.ft All additional training aids, such as mock-ups, aircraft parts, cutaways, audio-visual materials, books and charts are made available to the ground instructors. Additional references are available through the Learning Resource Center.n

Flight Operations Center

Our Flight Operations Center offers an additional 7,500 sq.ft. available for the conduct of pilot briefing and training. This building is adjacent to the Student Learning Center and houses additional administrative offices, dispatch, two weather briefing and flight planning areas, fifteen (15) briefing rooms, of which three (3) dedicated to the conduct of practical tests, and a simulator bay with an Elite PI-135 ATD and a Frasca Model 241 FTD SN# 5044-003. Our ramp, adjacent to the Flight Operations Center, holds sufficient parking space to accommodate our current fleet of airplanes.nnThe Flight Operations Center open 7 days in a week, mean that everyday you can fly.n

Aircraft Maintenance Center

The 10,000 sq.ft Aircraft Maintenance Center houses the Maintenance shop, The Procurement Office, the Office of the Director of Maintenance and the Maintenance Records Administrative Assistant. This clean, modern and well equipped facility enables our full time aircraft maintenance staff to maintain our fleet.nnThe Aircraft Maintenance Center open 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. Your aircraft always ready to fly.