Convert to DCA Malaysia (Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia) license, you have to meet the requirements as below:


  • 18 years old and above
  • 5 credits at SPM level or equivalent, (inclusive of credits in English, Mathematics, and a Science subject) or GCE-O-Level pass of English, Mathematics and a Science subject
  • DCA Malaysia First Class Medical
  • Not less than 200 total flying hours

If you didn’t meet SPM or equivalent requirements, you have to meet requirements as below:

  • More than 500 total flying hours

After you meet those requirements, you have to attend abridge course in Malaysian Approved Flight Training Organization (AFTO), the abridge course will cost your approximately RM110,000 – RM150,000 and take around 10-15 months.

Abridge course contain Flight Training and Ground Training:

Flight Training:

  • Minimum of 35 multi-engine hours
  • Meet the DCA Malaysia CPL requirements
    • Not less than 200 total flyin hours
    • 100 hours PIC, which is up to 30 hours maximum may be as pilot acting as PIC under supervision
    • 20 hours PIC cross country
    • 10 hours night flying, which is 5 hours must be PIC

Ground Training:

  • Air Law 1
  • Air Law 2
  • Type Technical
  • EASA ATPL subjects
    • Airframe Systems
    • Instrument
    • Mass and Balance
    • Performance
    • Flight Planing
    • Human Performance and Limitations
    • Meteorology
    • General Navigation
    • Radio Navigation
    • Operation Procedures
    • Principle of Flight
    • VFR Communication
    • IFR Communication

Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia contact details:

Address: Jabatan Penerbangan Awam Malaysia
No. 27 Persiaran Perdana,
Aras 1-4 Blok Podium,
62618 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Tel: +60388714000