2 Years Associate of Science Degree Program

Aviator College specializes specifically on the development and training of future commercial pilots world-wide.

Aviator College is approved through the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools & Colleges, the State of Florida’s Commission for Independent Education and the Federal Department of Education to award two-year Associate’s Degrees in Aeronautical Science with a concentration in Flight Instruction.

To earn the Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science the student must earn a minimum of 69.5 credit hours to include: 18 General Education credits, 23.5 credit hours of lower division ground schools and flight training, 22 credit hours of upper division training, and 6 elective credits. Aviation courses are listed in order of progression.


AVT1100 Private Pilot Theory School 5 credit
AVF1100 Private Pilot Flight Training 2 credit
AVT1300 Instrument Rating Theory School 4 credit
AVF1300 Instrument Rating Flight Training 2 credit
AVT1400 Commercial Pilot Theory School 4 credit
AVF1422 Commercial Pilot Single + Multi Engine Flight Trainingl 6.5 credit
Total Credit: 23.5


AVG1600 Pilot Career Planning and Interviewing 3 credit
AVG1700 Aviation Law 3 credit
AVG1800 Aviation Meteorology 3 credit
AVG2100 Aerodynamics 3 credit
AVG2200 Aviation Safety 3 credit
AVG2300 Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program Theory 3 credit
Total Credit: 6.0


AVT2100 Fundamentals of Instruction/ Flight Instructor Airplane Theory 5 credit
AVT2200 Flight Instructor Instrument Theory 3 credit
AVF2000 Flight Instructor Certification Course 1 credit
AVI2000 141 Flight Instruction Standardization 1.5 credit
AVG2500A Jet Transition & CRJ 200/700/900 Systems 3 credit
AVG2500B CRJ Simulator Training 1.5 credit
AVI2100 Aviation Internship I 3.5 credit
AVI2100 Aviation Internship II 3.5 credit
Total Credit: 22.0


ENC1101 English Composition 3 credit
MAT1100 College Algebra 3 credit
SCI1101 Natural Science 3 credit
SSC1101 Social Science 3 credit
HUM1101 Humanities 3 credit
SPC1101 Introduction to Speech Communication 3 credit
Total Credit: 18.0

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